Why should you hire an agent to buy a new home from a builder?

There are many reasons why you should use a buyer’s agent at a new construction site. “I’ll just get a better deal working with the builder myself right. Why do I need a buyer’s agent?”

As a Realtor representing clients in the State of Texas in city of Houston. I am often asked this question “Why do I need a buyers agent when I want to buy a new construction home?”

The new builder representative works for the builder as a salesperson. They have no fidicary duty to you as a buyer. In the negotitaion period, you would have to accept the terms that the new builder representative has given to you. You should hire someone with professional expertise and bound by the law with ethics and standards.

When it comes to negotations, there is more to take in consideration other than the home price and closing costs offered. What will happen if the builder’s preferred lender can not provide financing, is an additional home inspection allowed, will a survey be completed, what incentives are customary with the market, how much should that granite in the kitchen really cost, etc. You should hire a real estate professional that understands the process. As a realtor, we handle transactions on a daily basis because it’s our business.

Every home has defects. The builder will have the city or county inspector approve the home. But, as a buyer, the buyer did not hire this person professionally and items could have been missed or overlooked. Hiring an independent home inspector is necessary as all home defects that are not caught prior to closing will be the responsibilty of the home builder and may be a long legal battle to win your case. What would happen if the plumbing or HVAC system had a faulty element? You should hire a real estate professional that understands about real estate and possible issues and hazards.

Many customers won’t hire a buyer’s agent because they want to save the commission. The builder is the seller and the seller pays the commission. Commission is only owed by the buyer if in the signed buyer brokerage agreement there was an additional compensation fee or the commission offered was lower than what was agreed amount. Real estate agents are an essential part of the selling process whether representing the buyer or seller in a transaction, and now here at Arman real estate Group we have a great offer for home buyer who are looking to purchase brand new homes in Houston, Texas, So contact us today to find out more about this offer

Consider this, what if you are upgrading your residence to a larger home and your current home has not sold prior to your home being completed. Do you think the builder is going to wait until your home sales? Was their a home sale contingency in place? Will you get your earnest money deposit back if your home doesn’t sale? All of these questions you should think about and there are a lot more which is why you should hire a real estate professional whether in new construction, resale, REO, traditional or a short sale transaction. Realtors are bound by CODE OF ETHICS.

*This is a guide to illustrate the process in the benefits of hiring a Realtor to assist you in buying a home.


Builders we work with:

  • KB homes
  • David Weekley Home builders
  • Perry homes’
  • Highland Homes
  • D.R. Horton
  • Village builders
  • Ashton woods
  • Plantation homes
  • Trend makers
  • Lennar homes
  • Devon Street Homes
  • Westen Homes
  • Darling homes
  • Meritage Homes
  • Ryland homes
  • K. Hovnanian
  • Royal Hearts Homes
  • Del Webb
  • Chesmar homes
  • Lakeridge
  • Angelia homes
  • Saratoga Homes
  • Legends


We Do provide our special offers if you purchase your next house from any of the builder listed above through Arman realty Group, If you do not find the builder you are looking to purchase your next home from, simply contact us and we will let you know how we can help you and represent you in the transaction.